A new level of offtake control.
  • Lack of goods on the first line of display (minusfacing)
  • Lack of goods on display at all (OOS on the shelf)
  • Violation of the planogram
  • Extreme decrease in customer traffic
  • Low level of efficiency of a particular POS according to combination of factors (location, lack of parking, lack of exterior and interior lighting, lack of navigational signs in the shopping area, etc.)
  • Poorly-qualified staff
This is hardly a full list of typical problems that can significantly affect the result. The system detects negative events and notifies the specified persons responsible immediately (regardless of which corporate party of the distribution chain they are attached to). Moreover, the system automatically records these events for display in widgets, and reports are distributed according to the access privileges of the appropriate person in charge. Access to the data in the system is organized according to the roles of the users and is approved by the heads of the corporate parties. Such an approach provides maximum transparency of the entire distribution chain and greatly reduces the negative influence of the human factor. Alert messages are sent out 2 times a day, during morning and evening sessions in the form of email messages.